Give Aways Going On In The Pipe Community

Rolling into the weekend with some give away announcements. Paul from Papa Bear’s Nook is celebrating reaching his 250th subscriber. This particular give away includes not only pipe tobacco but coffee as well. In fact, if you want to enter into the draw for just the coffee Paul gives you that option. It’s one of those give aways where you can just toss your name in the hat if you want. 

When you go over to his channel, check the link he has in the description . That link is for a free coffee on him. Some sort of program where you can get free coffee from people who refer you. Then of course, the idea is for you to refer others. Even if you don’t want to jump on that marketing roundabout, it’s still a way to get yourself a free coffee. 

The Papa Bear’s Nook give away is going for a couple of weeks so go watch his video for details. 

Mr Smartiebob

Our good friend Mr. Smartiebob from Indiana has passed the 400 subscriber mark. His give away is only going on for the week. You will need to get yourself entered in the next few days. The drawing will be on the 8th. In this case, he’s giving away some pipes from his collection. The pipes are very unique, and worth checking out. He’s going to let the winner choose which pipe they will get. Tossing in some tobacco as well. 

Congratulations Mr. Smartiebob, the 400 of us really enjoy your videos. By the way, watch the video all the way to the very end as you will get to see a quick photo of his new puppy. 

Mr Armchair Piper

One of our very favorite guys and pipe channels is Mr. Ed the Armchair Piper. He hasn’t officially announced his give away yet but it’s coming up quick. He loves to give away stuff on the anniversary of the beginning of his YouTube channel. This year he’s giving away pipes from The Pipe Nook. Another Ed now that I think of it. Eddie in this case. I wonder if they are related? 

If you’re not subscribed to those channels you really should be. Both Armchair Ed’s and Pipe Nook Eddie’s. 

Speaking of The Pipe Nook, let’s go right into today’s sponsor. 

The big news from The Pipe Nook is that they have been able to once again offer tobacco to their customers. The next time you go to restock the pantry, head over to The Pipe Nook and see why they are the online version of a local pipe store. 

Seems like I missed somebody. If you have an event going on and I forgot you, I’m sorry, need a little reminder sometimes. Just let me know and I’ll mention it.

Too late to enter the Cup O’ Joes sweepstakes. That ended yesterday. They have some distinctive give aways. This time it was for tins of Carolina Red Flake. I remember when they put hundred dollar bills under the tops of tobacco tins. If you ordered from them, you might have been lucky enough to win one. 

Anyway, if you don’t want to miss the next time Cup O’ Joes does that, follow them on Instagram and don’t wait for me to say anything. Or else, you could be a day late like this time. 

By the way, they are not an advertiser here, so I wouldn’t normally link to them, but I figure they are a nice bunch over there and they do carry J. Mouton Pipes, so they got that going for them. Of course, the day I say that there are no J. Mouton pipes in stock. 

Go check out Mr. Mouton’s Facebook page instead. He always has photos of his latest pipes over there. Even if they are commissioned pipes and you can’t buy them. I always love seeing what he’s done. A true artist and one of the nicest guys there is. Now I want another J. Mouton pipe!

Mr. Yardism

It’s Friday and I assume we have the normal line up on YouTube . 

  • Lunchtime Live 12 PM Central, 1 Eastern, 9 PST Northern Fires Pipes on Instagram
  • Papa Bear’s Nook live at 4 pm Eastern, 1 Pacific and 9 pm UTC. 
  • Yardism Live 5 pm Eastern, 4 Central, 2 Pacific and 10 pm UTC
  • CaneRod Piper 8:00 Eastern 5 Pacific and 1 am UTC
  • Over A Pipe Let ‘er Rip Friday 9:00 Eastern, 6 Pacific and 2 am UTC

Not going to link all those. You know who they are and if you don’t you should. The only link I will give you is for YTPC Theater this Saturday evening at 4 pm Eastern. 

Apparently, Mr. Alfie the puppet has been stalking me. Trying to find out where the Briar Report office is located and such. I don’t imagine there is much to worry about from someone with foam rubber between their ears, but just to be on the safe side I’ve gotten a Rottweiler guard dog who is very temperamental. I’ve also given him a doll of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew to chew on.