Get Your YouTube Page Up To Speed with Okie Piper Jon

A long time YTPC member, Okie Piper Jon, has noticed that many people in our pipe community don’t utilize their YouTube pages to their advantage. If you’re not well versed in setting up your home page, take a few minutes and let Jon walk you through a couple simple tips that can take your page from a mess to a professional page which will reflect your content and be a great landing page when people come to visit.

He also encourages everyone to help promote the YouTube pipe community and not let the YouTube algorithm decide which channels to promote. It is often said “well, we are such a small community” and the expectations are quite low. Let me tell you there are tens of thousands of pipe smokers world wide and there is no reason to think small. If you believe you can not reach thousands of people with your content, you won’t, but if you can see the potential out there, like Jon does and we at the Briar Report, the sky is the limit.

Take the steps to produce great content that people want to see. Make your YouTube page a place where people can easily see what you’re about and find videos they want and even as important, help each other out and promote each other’s content. 99% of YouTube is junk, our content is the best, there’s no doubt in my mind. Make this year the year your channel takes off.

In his video “How to dress up your YT page”, Jon will get you started in cleaning up the mess you have on your home page. Even if you have a pretty good page already, go through it and use all the tools available to you to make it as professional as you can.

A quick rundown of what Jon talks about.

He starts off telling you how you can find other YTPC channels and an easy way to subscribe to them using our own YTPC Directory.

2:25 Review your home page and what can you do to promote each other. He talks about what YouTube want to promote vs. what you want to promote.

5:20 How to manage the Popular Channels side bar.

7:10 How to utilize the Featured Channels side bar. A powerful tool you can use to promote fellow YTPC members.

This is just a start, but a great first step in making your YouTube Channel the best it’s ever been.