Freezing My Tamper Off

Good morning boys and girls. Hope you’re all staying warm. You can see from the featured image that it’s a little chilly here. Had to put on gloves this morning. People hate me for saying this, but I love this weather. Hope it stays below zero for several days. Not that I like it this cold, but it takes care of the bug population.

When we don’t get a good freeze, the next summer is mosquitoville. I rather put up with cold for a week than mosquitos for months. Learned this lesson when we used to go fishing in Canada. We realized the years when the winters were mild were the worst years for Black Flies. Canadians, you know what I mean.

Life Is Cyclic

Things come in spurts. I don’t know if I like that or not. Good – Bad – Good – Bad. Normally I’m a ‘get it over with quick’ kind of guy. But when more is coming down the road, maybe it would be better to smooth it out. OK – Not Too Bad – Ok – Not Too Bad.

I was so happy and excited when some people who had stopped making videos began again. But my zeal is tempered by people that for one reason or another have cut back or decided to stop making videos altogether.

I guess everything is cyclic. Nothing you can do about it except go with it, or get off the ride.

Is change good? Maybe in general it is, but specifically it’s either great or it sucks. At least it seems that way.

The reason I was thinking about it was I had been going through some of the YouTube channels I subscribe to. Some haven’t made videos in years. When I think back to when I watched them, things were so different.


Someone asked me yesterday when I slept. My answer was it seemed like only when Chad has a live show. It always seems like I get up in the morning and there’s an alert that he’s live, and when I go there, he signed off an hour ago. Not last night, just saying.

Last night was the usual lineup. I’m making my way through it now.


Got a bunch of feedback yesterday about the ideas that were sent in for the magazine site. Go back one day if you didn’t read it. I was a little surprised since normally people don’t write. It happens, but it’s rare. There are always one or two, but to get a bunch of people on one topic is unusual, at least for me.

As far as setting up the calendar so people can manage their own events, the opinion is mixed. I got good arguments for having that feature, and not having it. It gives me a lot to think about since they are all good points.

Thank you all that wrote in. I appreciate your thoughts and help on this. The goal is to make a website that you all enjoy and can recommend to fellow pipe smokers. Anybody can rip off Drudge, but it takes a lot of talent to have a semi-functional calendar and write a half-[deleted] blob.