Free Weekend Blob

Welcome to your free weekend Blob. That’s right, this one’s on me.

If you’re old enough to remember, especially if you lived in a small town, bars/taverns used to give you that free drink. When you bought two drinks, they would come over and give you the next one on them. I highly doubt that happens anymore, although at one time it was quite common. But The Blob does it!

One of the reasons why I didn’t put this out early Saturday morning like I’ve been in the habit of doing. I don’t want people to think this is a Saturday Blob, or a six day a week operation. It’s a five day a week blog, M-F. The weekend one is a freebie. Not some scam either. No buy one get one (you can read this for nothing even if you blew me off all week). This isn’t like a “free inspection” where the guy ends up giving you the “you got big problems, fella”.

Totally free, just because.

Sneak Peek

Been working on the newsletter since I need to get it done today. Mentioned a new channel (to me) The Piper’s Mantel. He’s been producing pipe content for a few months so far, but I just discovered him yesterday. If there are other channels that I haven’t noticed, or you think I should mention more often, give me a shout, I’d be happy to.

Also, at the bottom of the newsletter I put a shot from the talented Mr. Hollywood Briar (the elder). I had mentioned him somewhere, either in The Blob or on Twitter and just love his videos. It seems that most of the time I don’t really agree with the philosophy of them, but he presents them in such a way that it really pulls me in. Plus the pipe content, I can’t resist that.

So at the bottom I put a swiped photo, although I did credit him. I wish I had a hundredth of the talent he has.

Speaking of photos snuck in, I’m wondering if anyone saw the one I put on the bottom of the last newsletter. I know many people skim them and when they get the gist of it, they delete it. There is a “heat map” so I know exactly where people look and the links they click on. The basement of the newsletter doesn’t get much love, but that’s no surprise. It’s why I wouldn’t put something very important down there.

But the photo was related to something I wrote at the beginning of the newsletter and wondered if there was a payoff or not.


Also included in the newsletter is a link to the Adam Floyd article that is also coming out on Monday and the monthly Pipe Puzzle, edited by our Puzzle Master Mr. Matthew T–. I have it all ready to go except the picture that I have to make this afternoon. If possible I like to solve, or try to solve the puzzle myself before I publish it. I’ve only been stumped once. Plus I like to use my time for the “solution time”.

That one I might put up tomorrow since that’s the first of the month. No sense holding it back when you can all be noodling away at the scramble puzzle over the weekend. We’ll see, I have a lot to do.


When I first heard that Twitter had been sold, I thought maybe it will become a friendlier place. Maybe I should spend more time, considering I have cut way back on the posts there, and more Blobbing here. Then I thought, it might be worse. People have a knack for taking more freedom and screwing it up. Don’t get me wrong, I love as much freedom as possible for everyone.

But it might encourage people to start posting more filthy, disgusting stuff. I better hold off and see what happens. Don’t want to make any assumptions when it comes to “social media”.

I want people to be able to speak their minds, but I don’t necessarily want to read it. One problem is I want to use Twitter for such a narrow topic that it works against me. Don’t want to read about political things or find out about fake electronic money. Just pipes and cigars over there for me. Possibly a shot of a chilidog or something else I’m not allow every so often. But when your focus is that narrow all I usually see are people holding up the cigar they are smoking in front of the camera. Or a picture of their pipe.

Love that kind of stuff, but I just wish it was mixed in with some other stuff. Sure, if I felt that strong about it, I could create something interesting. That thought hasn’t escaped me. I could make excuses, but that won’t change anything. Since it’s far down on my list of things I could do, it won’t get done.

There has to be more for pipe and cigar people than just what’s there.

This is where the free ride is up. Time to click on one of the advertisers.

See ya.