Flat Cap Piper and Lady Fire Christmas Give Away

Flat Cap Piper & Lady Fire 800 subs Christmas Giveaway

Merry Christmas from Flat Cap Piper and Lady Fire. Recently returned to YouTube after a move and back at it producing videos. Not only pipe related but also a cooking series that is a big hit at the local Fire Station. The next Galloping Gourmet.

The have also hit the 800 subscriber mark. Currently they are only about 150 shy of 1K. When they get to that it will open some doors as far as their live streaming capabilities and such. Hopefully you are already a subscriber but if not, hit this link. If you already are, be sure to pass the word and link to your fellow pipe smokers who are sure to enjoy this channel.

The Give Away

For this give away there are going to be multiple winners. 5 to 7, and possibly more depending on how many people participate.


Small Batch Tobacco from C&D:
-Carolina Red Flake
-Sun Bear
Latest Christmas Blend:
-Golden days of Yore
An assortment of Briar pipes
2021 Pipe Calendar

Winner will receive one or more of the above (in keeping with Santa’s tradition you won’t know until you open your gift). This is an excellent idea since not knowing what you will actually get will be like opening a present on Christmas morning. Except you will notice that there are no socks on the list. Woo Hoo!


Open worldwide to participants of legal smoking age in the jurisdiction which they live.

You must be a subscriber to the Flat Cap Piper YouTube channel.

How to enter:

Lady Fire wants to know what food or drink marks the start of the Holidays or gets you into the Christmas spirit. Entries can be done by way of VR or by watching the Christmas Series of videos for an opportunity to just comment on the special video for an entry.

Last day to do a VR will be Dec 21st.

Winners will be announced Dec 23. Good Luck!

YouTube rules prevents me from embedding the video, but if you would like to see it, click this link.