Doc Bravo’s 400 Sub Giveaway

You will notice in the events calendar that Doc Bravo is holding a giveaway. We have all the information you will need in the Events Calendar but here’s a recap in case you haven’t dug down in the calendar and caught it yet.

Doc and his buddy Barney are holding a giveaway to celebrate his channel’s 400th subscriber.

Entries are now being accepted for Doc’s 400 Subscriber Giveaway.

There will be 2 Lucky Winners!


1. You MUST be a subscriber.

2. You MUST be 18 years old.

3. Entry opens May 21st, 2019


The drawing will filmed and unedited as much as possible and posted at a date no later than 17 June 2019.


1. Leave a comment in the giveaway video with the GAWs Theme for 1 entry!

2. Additionally, for an 4 chances to win, make a VR addressing the Theme described in the GAW video! I won’t tell you what it is but as you may have noticed, Barney is co-hosting this giveaway.

IMPORTANT: Comment the link to your VR on the video.


A $50 gift card drawn from all current subscribers as of the beginning of the contest.

A $50 gift card raffle for all subscribers, regardless of when they subscribed

The gift cards given away will be determined between Doc and the winner. He is willing to let you choose where you want the card to come from.