December Letters to the Editor


This is the column where we feature a Letters to the Editor. In this space will will answer selected questions from readers or publish letters we receive where people just want to get something off their chest or make their opinion known. We will not publish anyone’s personal information unless we have permission to do so.




Is Bill really as grumpy as he appears to be?




There are two answers to this question and they are both no.

No, he is typically much more grumpy than what comes across in his columns. He tones it down quite a bit, especially the language. He is very easy to get spun up which can be quite fun, although he would not agree.

No, he can be surprisingly kind, don’t let him fool you.




What is the criteria for a story to make it on the Briar Report?



Thank you for the question and taking the time to write. There is no strict criteria other than if it interests me or not. Of course, I ask myself “would this be of interest to the average pipe or cigar smoker?” I stay away from stories that are related to “head shops”. There are a couple rules of thumb. One is to never pass up the opportunity to put up a photo of a woman smoking a pipe. Never underestimate the popularity of a smoking dog. Smoking dogs are gold! Anything even remotely having something to do with J.R.R. Tolkien and pipes gets lots of clicks. Always be on the lookout for Tolkien stories.

So no there is no real guideline, just what’s topical.


Thanks to you and Padre Piper for putting on such an amazing giveaway. It was a ton of fun and a big surprise how it was done. Do you have any plans for another giveaway in the near future?




The pleasure was all ours. This giveaway was a way to say thank you to all the people who visit our websites all year long and to take the opportunity to give back during the holiday season. We do not plan on having another event in the near future. We have been in contact with a couple of YouTube channels to help with some of their projects, but we would like to stick to a single Christmas event which was our intention all along.

Again on behalf of Padre Piper and everyone here at the Briar Report, thank you to everyone who participated in our Christmas giveaway.


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Merry Christmas to everyone and looking forward to a wonderful New Year.