Daily Shows In The YTPC

One of the biggest reasons I had mentioned The Pipe Nook Live Stream in yesterday’s Blob was because Eddie had asked about other live shows. As usual, I got side tracked talking about something else and totally forgot about that point. 

Eddie had gone live on Tuesday and Wednesday and asked if anyone knew of a daily live show in the YTPC. Since I was lurking at the time I didn’t respond, which I should have, and regret now.

While there isn’t a daily show, as he meant the question, there are a handful of channels that might qualify. There are some people who put out a video every day. The best example of that is The Daily Five on Artie’s Place. He’s been doing that for a long time and if he didn’t post one I’d worry that something was wrong. Less than a minute and well worth your time.

Old Hollywood Briar has been really taking advantage of the YouTube Shorts. I don’t totally understand what’s going on there but his videos are very creative. Some are funny while others are distressing, and everything in-between. There was one showing a young woman being kidnapped. It was shocking and made me angry for the rest of the day. Good thing they all aren’t like that. 

Like I said, I don’t get what’s up with those Shorts. They don’t show up on the screen like a regular video. There are only a few buttons on the side and you can’t adjust the volume (bad move) which you have to do on your computer. 

Old Hollywood Briar also seems to be using regular music tracks. Ones which usually carry copyright strikes. I’m assuming he can get away with it because his videos are only 15 seconds long. He might even be paying for the license for all I know, if anyone has those type of connections, he does. All assumptions, I don’t know anything about it. 

He’s been putting out a bunch of them everyday. I love it. He’s so creative and I enjoy his content very much. 

Some Other Non-Live Videos

Other channels with almost daily content are Greg Tunnel with the Tunnel Takes on The Tunnel Take channel, and Sailor the Piperman, Piper the Sailorman. The Sailor Piperman. I’ll get it right. Both of these guys cover a very wide range of topics, so you never know what’s on the agenda. But both have a lot of great pipe content mixed in.

There are also a couple of other channels that put out a lot of content, most of those will come in spurts for some reason. You’ll see nothing for several days or more, then one right after the other. 

Live And National

The closest to what I think Eddie was asking is All Briar’d Up. While not every single night, it’s often enough that I think of it as a daily show. 

All along it was a sort of sit back and chat type show. Overnight with a chill kind of vibe. Very similar to London Calling with Simon way back when he first started doing live shows. Then Simon started making pipes and brought the camera into the workshop with him. Well Jon is doing the same thing. He’s all set up to start cranking out the briar and he shares a lot of it with his viewers. Also doing his normal style shows, but I’m sure that’s because he’s up streaming at two in the morning. Not the best time to be manning the lathe and running an air compressor. 

Like I said, if Simon goes into his shop, there’s a good chance he’s taking you with him. Don’t know how he can follow the chat, answer questions and turn a pipe all at the same time, but he manages to do a pretty good job at it.

The third one I’ll mention is Sweet Muffins Mafia. The channel has gone through a few names, and you might remember him best as Ohio Piper. Just like All Briar’d Up, he does have some time in the week he likes to schedule (check the calendar) but don’t be surprised when he pops on line for a live stream. I just checked, for now it’s Ohio Sweet Muffins Mafia Piper.

Both these shows are overnight so they don’t draw huge crowds, but hey do have their devoted followings and they can be fun to sit in on if you happen to be up. 

Site Updated

Just like I reported yesterday, the newest Asikyan pipes are up of the Insider’s Page at Briar Blues. Some very interesting designs there. If you’ve been wanting one, hope there’s something in there for you.