Country Squire’s Middle Earth Series, Episode 3 – Second Breakfast

The third blend from the Middle Earth series exclusive to The Country Squire is Second Breakfast.

Second Breakfast

A Vanilla Maple blend described on The Country Squire website as

A choice pairing with your mid-morning meal. Second Breakfast has soft hints of everything you would expect from your second meal of the day: notes of buttery cake and maple syrup, with a savory vanilla finish.
Toasted Cavendish mix with a variety of Virginias with cased and natural sweetness to combine for a rich but complex smoking experience. Flavorful with a pleasant room note, while still kind to the mouth.

Here is a close up shot of the blend.

There are various purchasing options that you can see on the web page for the blend.

Bag End has a 3.6 rating (as of this publishing) on the Tobacco Reviews website. Here is a link to the reviews.

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Padre Piper and Mark V.V. – brtv Exclusive

The official video is on Padre Pipers brtv channel. We are going to leave it there and not embed it here so the comments will remain with the video. After watching, feel free to add you comments, review or what ever you want.

Link To Official BRTV Video

Boca To Boynton

As with the previous blends Boca To Boynton’s has included his review of the blend.

Overall Rating Guide

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  4. Great! I would add it to my seasonal rotation (i.e. “this will be my fall blend”)
  5. One of the best blends. I would add it to my weekly rotation

VooDoo Review

Donald checks in with the official VooDoo review take on Second Breakfast.

Flatcap Piper

Flatcap Piper’s thoughts on Second Breakfast