Country Squire’s Middle Earth Series. Episode 1 – Old Toby

Kicking off the first season of the Pipe Tobacco Tasting series, Padre Piper and Mark V.V. are going with Old Toby.

Old Toby

An exclusive blend from The Country Squire. The description of the blend from their website;

The choicest blend of Tobold Hornblower himself!  Straight from Middle Earth, Old Toby brings together the finest Virginia and Burley leaves with a generous sugar casing and a dash of Louisiana Perique.  A treat for your senses and your companions!

The Country Squire

There are various purchasing options that you can see on the web page for the blend.

Old Toby has a 3.3 rating (as of this publishing) on the Tobacco Reviews website. Here is a link to the reviews.

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Padre Piper and Mark V.V. – brtv Exclusive

The official video is on Padre Pipers brtv channel. We are going to leave it there and not embed it here so the comments will remain with the video. After watching, feel free to add you comments, review or what ever you want.

The Official Video

Flat Cap Piper

The first to check in is Flat Cap Piper. Here is his video discussing Old Toby.

Boca To Boynton

Appearing on the BRTV Public access channel, and possibly here if I can figure out how to embed it, is Boca To Boynton impressions.

VooDoo Review

On Donald Hughes’ blog VooDoo Review, he puts the tobacco through the paces using his usual method, Briar, Cob, Meerschaum and Clay. Read the review here.

Rate This Blend

Starting with Old Toby, we are going to give you a chance to rate the blend. Flat Cap Piper is going to be compiling the data and reporting the results.

Please take a minute to fill out the survey.


Rating Index

Use the following guide when coming up with your scores.

Room Note

  1. Terrible, a real stink bomb!
  2. Tolerable, “but don’t bring that inside the house”
  3. Okay. It’s neither pleasant nor offensive.
  4. Good. A real friends and family pleaser.
  5. Amazing! I want my whole house to smell like it.


  1. Has a bad taste or aftertaste.
  2. Very little to no taste.
  3. A nice tasting blend.
  4. Pleasurable to the palate. I like it.
  5. Cornucopia of flavors with every puff.


  1. Nothing. Asking yourself “did I smoke today?”
  2. Mild
  3. Moderate
  4. Strong
  5. Hulk. “I need to sit down for thirty-five, forty-five minutes”

Overall Rating

  1. This could be the worst tobacco I’ve ever had.
  2. Okay, but I will probably give it away.
  3. Good. I will cellar it and have it occasionally.
  4. Great! I would add it to my seasonal rotation (i.e. “this will be my fall blend”)
  5. One of the best blends. I would add it to my weekly rotation