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St. David’s Pipes

After taking a break for almost a year after being hacked, St. David’s Pipes is back on YouTube. He’s been putting out a lot of videos lately and they are of the short variety, so it’s easy to watch and catch up. Lots of information there, especially if you want to learn about bag jams. Nice stuff.

Arizona Jim

One guy that is revamping all his content is Arizona Jim. He has completely shut down his YouTube channel that you may know under the AZPiperJim title. He is no longer there. He and Lady Ligero have started a new podcast called Mind Your Ash. I never know where to link podcasts to because they are usually on many platforms. I usually spread it around, Get Piped is a perfect example of that. For the Mind Your Ash, I’ll link to their YouTube channel that runs the episodes as well.

A few days ago I mentioned his new Sunday Coffee & Smoke show that was on Instagram. Right now I’m trying to find out if there is a permanent link for that to give you. There is an Arizona Jim website that the notice came out for the last show, and that’s the link I used. But that was for just the one episode. Not positive if the website is being set up or shutting down, it’s not clear. He does have the “merch” store set up, so if you want to get a black hoodie for your next riot, you know where to go.

Las Vegas International Pipe Show

Mr. Brian Levine has posted on his Facebook page about the upcoming West Cost Pipe Show. I have waited a couple of weeks in mentioning it because I didn’t want to jump the gun. I didn’t want to go with the dozens of rumors I’ve heard, but figured waiting was the best thing to do.

What he posted was this;

Save The Date For Vegas! Palace Station Las Vegas October 21st -October 23rd 2022 The West Coast Pipe Show is now the Las Vegas International Pipe Show and we have locked down the dates so mark your calendar, you will not want to miss the pipe smoking social event of the year.

New website with information on Hotel Reservations, Table Reservations, Show Admission, Saturday Night Awards Dinner and more is coming soon. Yes, you will be able to smoke your pipe at the show and in our own Smoking Lounge!

Save the date, start saving your pennies and get ready to meet and hangout with your pipe smoking friends from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Forums and around the World.

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Odds and Ends

Well there you have it, I am more than happy to share this along with any other news I find out. It is my pleasure to help others. I wonder if Mr. Levine would do the same?

I have added the Vegas show to our Events Calendar. Actually, I haven’t but maybe by the time you read this it will be added. I have to do that this morning.

You might have missed the Blob yesterday. I usually check if everything is OK with it, but was in a rush and didn’t do that. yesterday. This morning I noticed I put the wrong category tag on it. Don’t know if that prevents it from being displayed properly or not, but it’s fixed now. So maybe you are reading two Blobs today. Probably need to keep this short just in case.

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