Comments Are Live on BRTV

It’s the feature that everyone has been asking for. The ability for viewers to leave comments. It took us a little while but that ability is finally here.

The package we chose is feature-rich. You will be able to not only leave comments, but interact with other viewers. Unlike YouTube, you will be able to embed media into your post. There are smiley faces which all the kids seem to like.

You can up vote comments you like. Flag ones you feel are not in the spirit of the Pipe Community, like spam or someone picking a fight.


To begin with we left the guidelines open. There is nothing restricted. We just ask that you conduct yourself in a way that a gentleman, or lady would.

It is a public forum and we would like you to keep that in mind.

If things get out of hand, we have an enforcer, I mean a moderator, in mind that is an expert in cleaning house. If you know what I mean?

To Sign Up

To be able to participate you can start right away. You can sign in with your Twitter, Facebook or Google account. If you have none of those you can go right through the company that the comments run through. You can choose an avatar, set it up to receive emails when someone replies to one of your comments and all kinds of other stuff.

Starting With The Basics

Starting off we are going to stick to the basics. There are some more features but we’ll wait to see how it goes for now.

So many people asked for this feature we are so happy to have finally added it. Hopefully you will take advantage and use it. Up until now the hosts have not gotten any feedback on their content except for an occasional email.

This will allow you to tell them, and us, what you like and what you don’t. This network will never grow without the input from you, the viewer.

This is a big step and we hope you enjoy it.

Pulvers’ Briar

We can’t finish up without thanking Marty at Pulvers Briar for sponsoring the comments. This service is not free and comes with a monthly fee.

Pulvers’ Briar is generously picking up the cost of the comments. We can’t thank him enough, and hope you do as well. Go on Pulvers’ Briars and see all the great estate pipes they carry. If you have never been on that site you are in for a big surprise.

Give him a visit and if you interact with him, give him a thank you for bringing this to brtv.

Pulvers' Briar image. Might be worth a peek