Cleaning House

January 2nd

Before I get started I need to remind you that The Pipe Nook is having a site wide 10% Off sale. Use code NEWYEAR10 at checkout. I intended to mention it yesterday but forgot. So sorry. All the people sitting around could have been saving money. I like to keep lists in my planner of things I need or want to get. When I see a general sale like that I consult my list and take advantage. As long as you’re going to get something anyway it makes sense. Plus shooting Eddie some business is a great thing. I think there’s a link over there to the right. Hit it.

Our 2022 predictions are out. Another thing for you to read but it will only take a minute.

Last month on the urging of a reader from San Jose, we cleaned up our YTPC list on the main page of our news site. It was very embarrassing to be honest. Things like that take too much time, and when you’re behind to begin with, it’s easy to put it off. No more! We have some high standards and if we don’t live up to them what good are we?

Turn To – Clean Up Ship

In that light we are going to do the whole page. Since it will take days, I’m doing it one section at a time. Next up is the Forums, Blogs & Podcasts section. I’ll bet there are a bunch of abandoned sites there. Have to check each one. I know last year was rough so I want to be sure that people just don’t want to create any more content. After asking a few people, 18 months seems to be the limit. So if one of those creators haven’t put up any new material in the past 19 months, I’m taking the link to it down.

If you know of any forums, blogs or podcasts that we don’t currently have a link for, let me know. I’d be more than happy to add them.

It might be a little self serving, but I like to refer to that page as the most valuable real estate in the pipe smoking world.

If you’re a proprietor of one of those sites and you haven’t done anything with it in a long time, consider this a nudge. We love your content and would love to see more.

No more goofing around here. This year we are going full steam ahead. Take it to the bank.

First Sunday

Tonight is the first Briar Blues Sunday Live Show. I know, I know, he’s been doing them for a little while. But that was just to kick the tires on the time slot. It was only an add-on. The real show was Thursdays. Now the Thursdays are gone. enasdad is going to be moving into the Thursday spot. So if you were not a Sunday regular, thinking you would catch him later in the week, it won’t be there. If you want to watch Briar Blues, tonight is the night. 8:00 Eastern.

On that show is the Guess The Pipe Shape GAW. He made a video with the rules and I have it back in a previous blob post so if you don’t know about it, I suggest checking it out. The prize is a new Asikyan Pipe donated by The Avid Piper. It’s the pipe everyone wants now. Also, so you know, there has to be 80 people on that Live Show or Mike goes to plan B. Trust me, Plan A is much nicer.

One of the goals set by Mike for the YTPC is to get Boca To Boynton to 1,000 subscribers. Just checked and he currently has 775 subscribers. Are you kidding me? That’s about what I have and I refuse to even make videos. He puts out tons of great content and does so much for the community. It’s a crime he doesn’t have ten times that if you ask me.

Some guys got lucky with the YouTube algorithm and have tens of thousands of subscribers and don’t much care about other pipe smokers or content creators. Don’t let YouTube beta males in man-buns dictate who we like to watch. Give Charlie a sub if you haven’t already, and if you have, pass the word.


Got a very cryptic message yesterday. cOVid ERror A πPE. What the heck does that mean? I think it has something to do with the Over A Pipe channel. I’ve heard two rumors about that show. One, his goal is to become the next YouTube phenom and two, he plans to roast Feathers McGillicutty on Thanksgiving.

OK, I started that last one.