Catching Up On Reviews

Tuesday mornings are great. We get the overnight website numbers which are always the best of the week. Good for the old ego, that’s for sure. One of the biggest problem is that there is rarely is much pipe smoking new and information over the weekend, so the news is usually light. Which means not much new material for the news website.

But lucky for me, many people who are busy during the weekend take advantage of going back to work to go on The Briar Report. Go figure.

Popping The Tin Blends

Looks like Flat Cap Piper & Lady Fire will be Popping The Tin on Sunday afternoons. Having adjusted their schedules, we may be able to look forward to more episodes.

This past Sunday they did Peterson’s Royal Yacht. One of the best shows they have ever did. It was the perfect blend for their style. I’m glad it was a first impression so I could see their reactions. Well worth the time to watch, they do such a great job.

I need to get the blend reviews on the magazine site up to date. We used to put them up to coincide with the Popping The Tin episodes. I’m sure you noticed that they follow the same format, and use the same rating system which Flat Cap uses. Probably because Flat Cap designed the surveys.

The reviews are there to allow you to participate in the Popping The Tin shows, but also so we can start to collect data.

Maybe someday in the future we can have some sort of searchable data base where you can check blends out and share your ratings. Hopefully, by the time you read this I’ll have the reviews up on the magazine site.

[update: All of the most recent blends are now up]

  1. Cornell & Diehl’s Eight State Burley Small Batch
  2. Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader
  3. Peterson’s Royal Yacht

If you’ve smoked any of these blends and want to share your thought, click on the links above or find them on the website when you get a chance.

The Phoenix Has Risen

Got my new Pipe Nook Peterson Phoenix pipe in yesterday. What a great pipe. At this price point, for what you get this is an amazing pipe. I’m certainly going to recommend it to people who are looking for a first briar pipe or anyone looking for a great value pipe. It has it all.

Eddie has made his announcement on his blog and in his newsletter, but he also put out a video showing off the pipes so you can get a good look at them. To start off with, I got the 106 shape, the billiard. At first I wanted a bent pipe, but I can’t resist the straight ones, and it’s a good one to start with, for me. It’s surprisingly light.

In his video he said that the one he has smoked right down to the very bottom the first time he smoked it. I had the same experience. Have to admit, I’m really liking it. Can’t wait to start seeing videos coming out to see other people’s reactions.

Took a quick peek at the availability counter on his site. Looks like he’s sold quite a few already. Half of the 106s are gone and a dozen or so of each of the other shapes have been spoken for. He’s going to have to restock quick. I’ll bet down the line he adds more shapes. Maybe the 999.