Call For Pipes

In just two weeks Pipe Week 2021 will be upon us. Last year we had excellent participation, considering it was the first one ever. This year already looks like it will have many more events for pipe smokers all over the world.

Pipe Week starts on July, 20th 2021 and runs through the 26th. Flat Cap Piper and Lady Fire will host an awards show on that Saturday. The Squire Radio’s annual awards are the premier awards for pipe smokers, and this is merely a supplement. The Pipe Week awards recognizes content creators in the YouTube Pipe Community (YTPC).

Watch Flat Cap Pipers YouTube channel for more details as the show approaches. One other way you can get information is from our newsletter. Click here to sign up, if you are not already a subscriber.

Pipes That Matter

You can get involved in many ways. One way is to share with others a pipe that is special to you. Chris from Tobacco Pipes Japan came up with the idea and we jumped onboard right away.

The idea is that most people have at least one pipe that means something special to them. Maybe it was their first pipe, the pipe that launched a collection, or possibly, one that you waited a long time for and finally got. Maybe it was a commission that was everything you wanted.

Sharing that pipe with everyone is a great way to take part in Pipe Week. Reading about the pipes from others in the community can be fun and we are looking forward to see what people submit.

We encourage you to give it some thought and take part in Pipes That Matter.

Take Part

What you need to do is select a pipe that means something to you. For whatever reason, it doesn’t matter. Write up a paragraph, or even just a couple of sentences, sharing the reason behind your selection. If you like, you can snap of photo of that little beauty and include that as well.

Send your entry to Most importantly, once we get enough entries we will publish the results. Hopefully it will come out at the beginning of Pipe Week. We’ll have a link on our home page of to help you easily find it and see what people have sent in.

Thank you to everyone that participates and remember, live every week like it was Pipe Week.