Briar Report’s Tournament Brackets

My brackets for the March tournaments are complete. For the record these are not official entries as I do not enter contests. But these were both so fun I had to participate. In the spirit of competition and to see how I well I do, I’m going to share my picks with you. They were a lot harder to do than I anticipated. Especially The Spurgeon Piper Tobacco Madness one. I have to take my personal tastes right out of the mix.

Not sure how these bracket things actually work. I know people get all giddy picking College Basketball games, but I’ve never really paid much attention. How do you know who wins? Is it whoever gets the last one right? Not sure.

The first round ones, in each bracket, seemed fairly easy, but they got pretty hard after that.


The Get Piped Legends of the Pipe had its own difficulties. There were a couple picks I found hard. Gandalf v. Santa. Bing v. C.S. Lewis. Those were tough. The biggest problem I found with this particular tournament was that I was not listed anywhere on it. What a shame.

Here is a link to the tournament on Instagram.

As long as you’re thinking about Get Piped, don’t forget that his podcast came out today. It drops at 4 am, so it’s probably out by the time you read this.


As I said in the beginning, these are not entries. BUT there are some side wagers going on, I’ll admit that. And as much grief as I give Mort Crowe, he is my bookie so I have some action going on with him. He’s pretty good about paying off and my note is good with him so I don’t want to bust on him too much.

Pipe & Tobak

As long as we are sharing entries that aren’t entries, I may as well answer Janez’s question for the Pipe & Tobak give away. The question is; If you had to rely on ONLY ONE BRAND of pipe tobacco, which would it be and why? This brand of pipe tobacco has to cover all your pipe tobacco needs.

OK, I’m tempted to choose Samuel Gawith. It has a good variety and they are all great. I’ve never had a Sammy G. I didn’t really enjoy. Of course, I’m assuming for this hypothetical that it isn’t always sold out. In real life we all know that darn stuff is as hard to get as the truth out of a politician. Not just out of stock on one or two of the most popular, but almost all of them. You can’t even stock up unless you are incredibly lucky.

But since my favorite blend is DeLuxe Navy Rolls, and because there are also a couple good blends in that lineup, I’m going with Peterson. If all you needed was one blend, you would pick your favorite, but if you wanted a few options you might choose different. Peterson meets my needs in both cases. If I chose anything other than Peterson, I’d always lament not having my favorite.

So that’s my unofficial answer to Mr. Janez.


Didn’t have it for the newsletter, but in our Events Calendar Paladin Piper’s Codger Hour is listed for this Sunday, March 6th. I comes on at 7:30 EST. Also, Steve and Cathy will be guest hosting for Mr. Glum Chum Piper who is taking the night off.

Finally, Beans316 is going to try to do a live show this Saturday morning at 9 am EST. That should be fun.