Briar Pack Lady’s Edition

The first Briar Pack Challenge hosted by Briar Blues has just passed and the Lady’s version in just starting. Same format just a different, much better looking, group than the first one.

It is not a competition to see who does better but a chance for the women to take part in some of these events. For far too long it seems they have been underrepresented in the pipe and cigar circles.

Instead of just inviting a couple of women into the existing challenge Briar Blues wanted to come up with a way to actually highlight their participation and give them their own space.

As the challenge progresses we will post their entries in this column. The videos will be available on the brtv Public Access Channel. You are invited to watch and comment. Let us, and the Briar Pack members know how you feel about this segment.

As with the other challenge, when all the entries are in, Mike from Briar Blues will make a video revealing what the mystery tobacco is. We will see how close they come to identifying what it is.

As a side note, trying to guess the blend is only half the fun. Getting a blind review of the tobacco is just as valuable. Reviews where the person doesn’t know what it is are the most honest. So hearing what they have to say is very interesting to say the least.

First Up – Steph


The first entry into the Lady’s wing of the Briar Pack is Steph from the Steph & Skip duo. This time soloing and doing a wonderful job.

Check out her video on the Public Access Channel.

Lori B

Next up is Lori B. Her description is excellent. Makes me wish I knew what the blend was. Now I can’t wait for the reveal.

Check out Lori’s video on the Public Access Channel. Use this convenient link.