Briar Blues 4,000 Subscriber Give Away

The Briar Blues YouTube channel has just surpassed the Four Thousand subscriber mark. A very impressive milestone for sure.

To celebrate, Mike from Briar Blues is going to hold a drawing which is simple to enter.

Rules To Enter

To enter you first must be a subscriber to the Briar Blues YouTube channel. You must also go to the comments section of the video “4000 Sub – Gaw” and leave a comment. That comment is the answer to the question Mike has asked.

Give It Some Thought

Here is the question you must answer;

Of the blends that have disappeared or are no longer available, which is the one you regret most not being able to try?

Easy enough, right? Give it some thought and leave your answer in the comments section of that video


The prize is going to be a brand new Radice Clear pipe. It has a beautiful flame grain and a lucite shank and stem.

The Draw

The drawing is going to be held during the Briar Blues live show on Monday, October 28th. Watch our calendar for details.

Good luck to everyone who enters.