Blend Tasting Club Middle Earth Schedule

The Blend Tasting Club hosted by Padre Piper and Mark V.V. is underway and you can follow along on BRTV.

This season they are exploring The Middle Earth Series of tobacco from The Country Squire. Celebrating it’s 50th year in business, The Country Squire located in Jackson, Mississippi has a long tradition of their famous house blends.

The Middle Earth Series consists of six blends all unique to The Country Squire. If you want to take part in the Blend Tasting Club, they have put together a very nice sampler pack with 1 oz. of each of the blends for $29.99. Of course you can get individual blends, but this is the best way to participate with the guys on BRTV.

July – Old Toby

The first in the series, Old Toby is described as the choicest blend of Tobold Hornblower himself!  Straight from Middle Earth, Old Toby brings together the finest Virginia and Burley leaves with a generous sugar casing and a dash of Louisiana Perique.  A treat for your senses and your companions!

Old Toby

Here is a link to the Club’s Blend Page, which includes the original video from Padre Piper and Mark V.V. as well as viewer videos and other useful information. There is a Rating Survey that you can fill out to let us know what you think of the blend. Flat Cap Piper will be tabulating the results and reporting in.

August – Bag End

The August Blend is Bag End (Traditional Scottish). A non-aromatic blend that is quite different from the first blend. The Country Squire describes it as follows.

A perfect addition to your cozy evening by the fire. Best enjoyed after unburdening from the day’s heavy load and soggy boots. This blend embodies the safety and comfort of your snug den and is a treat while you reflect and unwind.

A Scottish-styled mixture, Bag End is perfect for those that love a nuanced Latakia.  Naturally sweet, ready rubbed and flue-cured Virginias blend with light Burley, Latakia, and Exquisite Turkish Tobaccos to form a complex smoke that will give the seasoned pipe smoker hours of cheer.  Bag End is best enjoyed by experienced pipe smokers that are comfortable “sipping” their pipe and enjoying a single bowl for a long period of time.  A complex and rewarding smoke!

If you haven’t gotten the sampler and would like to just try this fantastic blend, you can get it directly from this link.

Bag End (Traditional Scottish)

September – Second Breakfast

Back to another aromatic, a Vanilla Maple. A good choice to finish the summer.

A choice pairing with your mid-morning meal. Second Breakfast has soft hints of everything you would expect from your second meal of the day: notes of buttery cake and maple syrup, with a savory vanilla finish.

Toasted Cavendish mix with a variety of Virginias with cased and natural sweetness to combine for a rich but complex smoking experience. Flavorful with a pleasant room note, while still kind to the mouth.

Second Breakfast is going to be a big hit for aromatic lovers especially the one’s that like the subtle flavors and don’t like blends with too much topping. A perfect mid-day smoke if ever there was one.

October – Green Dragon

This is the month for Virginia Lovers. If you want to order this blend as a stand alone order here is the link. Highly recommended for Virginia Smokers.

Green Dragon is a blend of ripe air-cured and rich flue-cured Virginia tobaccos, smooth and easy to smoke. The richness of the blend is accented by noticeable grass, hay, and natural sugars. A treat for your pallet and your companions!

Green Dragon

November – Rivendell

This is a nutty, woody, cocoa blend. A nice contrast to Green Dragon and a perfect follow-up. Being the second to the last month, if you haven’t taken advantage of the Sampler Pack offered by The County Squire, now is the time to get it while it’s still available.

Rivendell is mildly sweet with a hint of walnut.  Rivendell’s room note turns heads with each puff.” That’s what the marketing department of The Country Squire says. We will be the judge of that.

We are looking forward to see what Padre Piper and Mark V.V. have to say and you as well.


December – Kingsfoil

The series wraps up, as well as the spectacular year 2020, with Kingsfoil. A great way to celebrate the holiday, close out the Blend Tasting Club season and say good riddance to the year.

Kingsfoil is a medium-full Virginia-Kentucky mixture with the natural sweetness you expect from yellow Virginias and the rich, smokiness characteristic of dark fire-cured leaf.  This tobacco burns clean, and will have you stompin’ your feet, hobbit-style!

Not a bad blend to do that with.

[photo unavailable at this time]

Middle Earth Series

To follow each episode we will be putting up a page in the Briar Report Magazine. Watch there to see the results and opinions from other Blend Tasting Club Member.