Bill Talks About the Preacher

Last week Briar Report had their Christmas Drawing along with that Preacher, Padre Piper. I knew what was going to happen because I am on the inside of such things, but even I was surprised with how it came out.

The Preacher was getting ready to hold the drawing and said he was thinking about smoking that prize. You know what all those people who were watching said? The told him to go ahead and light that baby up. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t stop laughing. They were cheering him on, they didn’t know it was his pipe. I’ll bet that if that pipe were the real prize he might have gone ahead and smoked it anyway, the crowd was really encouraging him.   

That was the best part of the whole night. I know people probably liked the fact they gave away a whole bunch of prizes, and that was cool, but I knew that was coming. The Preacher cracked me up. He did such a great job.

I had entered the contest under a fake name but got  caught. The name I used was Rusty Bedsprings. On Saturday Phil told me he spotted it a mile away and didn’t put it on the list. He said to me “nice try, Rusty”. I knew I got busted.

H[eck] if I would have won I’d have let them pull another number, I just wanted to have a little fun.

I see those winners are a bunch of nice guys. Everyone was real happy how it turned out. A couple of them I’ve seen before. That Mark Veevee and big Kaspar. He’s one of those back porch guys. Those are my favorites. Love that channel. I think he invented bar codes or something.

I was reminded that the one winner from Tennessee is the one who wrote that article about the pilot who blended his own pipe tobacco. I remember it because we had gotten some and smoked it during a couple of our Saturday Meetings. It was pretty good.

I’ll see if I can get them to reprint that article in the Magazine, I think you’ll enjoy it, and I don’t know how many people got a chance to see it the first time.




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Editor’s note: That is a good idea about reprinting the Tennessee Tin Note Article. Look for it this weekend on the Briar Report Magazine.