Bill Hates People Being Late & Their Phones

I just realized that the name of my column is Critic’s Corner. Well, I knew it, but it just hit me that after all these weekly columns I’ve already written, I really haven’t criticized much of anything yet.

Sure I complain but not any more than the next fellow. I’m talking about the way Critics criticize things. That’s really strange since I spend most of my time criticizing things. Mostly people. I’m sure if I go back and look at what I’ve written so far there will have been plenty of criticizing going on, but I can’t recall me really laying into something. Ain’t going to be reviewing anything which is good news for some cigar and pipe tobacco manufacturers out there. If I took the band off some of these cigars out there and people tasted them, they wouldn’t be able to charge half of what they do now. Some of the prices are outrageous.

[The paragraph that originally appeared here has been edited out as names were mentioned]

So I suppose I’ll have to stick to my old standard list of things that I can’t stand.

People Being Late

What kind of person is always late? Habitually late. Late for everything. I’ll tell you, the kind that thinks their time is valuable and your’s isn’t worth a [expletive deleted]. You know what bothers me most about these jerks? It’s that they could care less. If they are rarely late and when they are they apologize, that is a different story. I’m talking about the person that tells you they are going to meet you at a certain time but don’t show up, and never had any attention to. People like this are easy to deal with because after two or three times of that I’m done with them. I don’t care how much they tell me they will show up, I’m not going.

I won’t schedule anything with these people and if they ask me to be somewhere I tell them right to their face “you ain’t gonna show so why should I?” They will usually protest and say they will, but they won’t.

I know different cultures have other feelings on this subject. I’m sure Europeans don’t think about such things and are often late, but I’m not like that. I show people enough respect to not keep them waiting and expect the same from them.

Those Damn Cell Phones

The second thing I can’t stand is cell phones. I hate those [expletive deleted] things. When I say hate I really mean it too. I’d like to smash those stupid phones. People always yapping on them, always poking at it with their finger, always staring at it like some kind of brainwashed Zombie. I know a guy, a grown man, who can’t put it down. If we were talking about a 14 year old girl I would be concerned but could understand. In this case we are talking about an adult that has several kids. He’s responsible for those kids. Children that rely on him to provide for them, they are helpless and he’s on the phone jeopardizing his job. He has a very well paying job that supports his large family and I assume everyone is happy, but he can’t put it away. He’s looking at sports scores, highlight clips, even watching entire football games while he’s at work. What the [expletive deleted] is wrong with him? Is he so addicted that he would put his job and family’s security at risk so he can play pretend football?

I’m singling him out but just as an example. What would he tell his wife and kids if he lost his job? He would probably worry about how he is going to pay his cell phone bill. Addiction.

There are people that while they are talking to you will pull out their phone and make a call or check something on it. I’m not talking about getting a call which would be bad enough, I’m talking about making a call. That’s just about as rude and clueless as you can get. Again, what they are saying is that they are important and you are not.

A father is responsible for his family. He needs to be setting a good example on being a responsible, productive person. But the guy I mentioned is none of those things. The best thing he could do is leave that phone in his car, but he can’t. The scary thing is he’s not alone. The only reason he doesn’t get fired is probably because his boss is on his phone all day too. How is anything getting done anymore?

Anyone who can’t put his phone away for an entire day has no business making fun of crack-heads because they are addicted just as bad.

If you ask this type of person what they’re thinking, they usually come back with their stock answer “well, if there’s an emergency and my kids needed to call me, I have to have my phone on me”. OK, that’s a good reason, but how often does that happen? Once every two years, probably never. Plus what did people do before cell phones, they just called in on a land line. People got by with no problems Of course this excuse really does’t fly since 99.98% of the time they are screwing around.

End of Rant

So is this really criticizing or just complaining? I’d say both. At this weeks Saturday Staff Meeting I have a feeling I’m going to get in trouble for bringing this up. It seems our website numbers are going down and it’s alarming. I don’t pay attention to that part of the meeting, but I can see people are genuinely upset. I say it’s probably the snow but something is not right. They keep talking about site architecture and some kind of malicious attack where two thousand attempts a day are made at trying to hack the site. Sounds pretty serious, but I don’t understand it. One thing I do understand is a lot of people go on the sites while they are at work and I’m sure they don’t want me making fun of people on their cell phones when they are visiting us, especially when we need the traffic. I hope people understand I’m not talking about someone who check their phone when they are on break or at lunch, but the person that has a real problem. The kind that causes car accidents.

You would think I’d feel better after venting, getting all these gripes off my chest, but I don’t. It actually makes me feel worse. A man should be true to his word. Responsible and respect the time of others. To earn his pay and take care of his family and not cheat his employer. I see less and less of this every day.

Work hard, come home to your family. Relax at night and smoke your pipe or a cigar and check what’s up on our site, The manliest website on the internet.


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