Bill Gets Ready To Draw

I’m very excited because this is week I get to run my first ever drawing. I forgot what I said about when I would draw, but I think I said at the end of the week. Almost did it this afternoon. I wanted to announce the winner in my column but it’s due today and would have had to draw early.

The best thing to do, and what will happen, is I’ll draw the name during the Saturday Staff Meeting, that way I’ll have witnesses to prove everything is on the up and up. It will be too late to get it in this column so we’ll have to announce the winer on Twitter. Go on there sometime late in the afternoon or early in the evening on Saturday to find out who won.

Not A Bad Turnout

We actually got a fair number of people write in. Not very many questions but that wasn’t a requirement. I will say this, you can make any comment you want or ask me anything, but don’t ask me medical questions. I’m not a doctor or medical professional, so it wouldn’t be right. But more important, I hate medical things. Don’t like talking about them or even thinking about them. It’s a good thing there are so many people who are willing to get into that field. If it were left to me we would all be dead.

Anyway back to the drawing. We are trying to encourage people to write in. Coming up will be a lot of big changes and we want to be able to share people’s comments and questions. At first that will be hard (you’ll see what I mean) but we are trying to establish something so your input can be heard.

I also just found out that Monday is a holiday. That means we won’t be able to get any prize out in the mail until Tuesday. Probably should not have said we will wait until the end of the week. If I would have drawn today (Wednesday) then it would have been mailed out on Friday. Oh well, too late now. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone who enters late in the week when I said they could.

Since this is going out on Friday, you may have one more day to enter. The drawing details are in my column last week.

Tobacco Plus Expo 2020

Got a press release this week from the Tobacco Media Group. I think they like me. I sure appreciate them giving me a ton of cool information all the time. They are putting the finishing touches on their plans for the Tobacco Plus Expo 2020 (TPE 2020). It will be in Las Vegas on January 29th through the 31st.

The show is for businesses. It helps them find new products and stuff like that.

Village Cigars is one of the sponsors. They are a big player in the industry which is a good sign. I think the Premium Tobacco Business is ready for another renaissance. There was a boom in the 80s and I think we are on the verge of another one. For example this trade show I just mentioned has a 22% increase in participation over the last couple of years. There are over 110 premium tobacco exhibitors already signed up.

You know if they were really on the ball they would fly me out there and shower me with all kinds of gifts and such. Sure I’m not a retailer but in no time at all I have become one of the cigar industry’s . . . I can’t think of what it is I am exactly. I’m not exactly a big wig. Not really any kind of wig at all, but a lot of people do read my column. It would be nice to know that people read my column because I have interesting things to say about the cigar industry and cigars in general. But then again, they might just read to see if I’m going to rip on some lazy (I’ll self-sensor this time).

No, I’m pretty sure it’s the first thing. It is true that everybody and their brother has some kind of cigar column or show or YouTube channel. The market is pretty well saturated. That’s why I think Briar Report may be one of the best places to go for not only pipe tobacco but premium cigars as well. We filter it all down for you. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this or not, but coming up shortly there will be some more cigar related content on this website. It won’t be me, but a young guy with a lot more energy than I have.

Briar Report – One Stop Shop For Premium Tobacco

Why sift through all those dozens of shows? All you will have to do is stop by here and we’ll fix you right up. How many of those cigar channels talk about pipe tobacco? None that I know of. We have all the premium tobacco stuff.

That’s why even if they don’t fly me out to Vegas as a VIP they could at least send me all the new products. I know at the end of this column Phil will stick a blurb about “don’t send Bill any free stuff”, but ignore him. Bill loves free stuff!

Anyway, watch out on Saturday to see who wins my drawing. I may not be allowed to get anything for free but in this case I’m going to be giving out something for free. Which is almost just as good.


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Editor’s note: I goes without saying that Bill is right. Don’t send him free stuff. He gets enough free stuff around here already.