Bill Carries A Torch

Editors Disclaimer

Before we get into Bill’s column this week, we would like to reiterate that Bill’s views are his own, not ours. From time to time we get complaints about this column. Since there will always be a few people who don’t like something, we are going to continue. It is not our intention to stir up bad feelings and we intend to keep a closer eye on what is published. Your comments are welcome.

Critic’s Corner

My intention was to write about the new Network but a lot has been said already. Not only that, something has come up that I’d rather write about.

Two weeks ago I wrote in this column about some of the lighters I like. It got a good response and a few people wrote to me about their favorite lighters. Almost to a man they love their torch lighters.

Well this past Saturday I was very surprised to receive a torch lighter as a gift. It wasn’t exactly a lighter but one of those new Zippo torch inserts. A two flame job. What a great surprise. I had mentioned that I really liked my Zippo but have never used one of these before.

They have been out for a very short period of time. There are 3 different styles from my understanding. One with one flame, one with two and one with . . . none? I don’t think it was three because the one I got, the 2 flame one, was the top of the line.

Anyway, I’ll have to look that up. I couldn’t wait to try it out. You wouldn’t believe this thing. The quality is really great. The whole thing is made out of metal, including the butane fuel tank. I’ve seen other inserts but they didn’t have a torch flame. They also had plastic tanks. This one is great.

So Strange

Let me tell you the best thing. It looked so cool but at the same time it looks strange. When you have been using a Zippo for decades you are used to it looking and smelling a certain way. It’s odd when it’s totally different. It’s a shock when you hit that button and two fine tipped flames shoot up. You just want to stare at it.

When you flip it shut it still makes that great click noise, because it’s in a normal case. But I had the urge to crack it open to make sure the flame went out.

I know I’ve only had it for four days, but I think this is my new favorite lighter. Technically it may not even be a new lighter because I had to take the guts out of my regular lighter and replace it with this insert.

Check those out if you get a chance.

New Column

This week I also wrote my very first Letters To the Editor column for the new BRTV Guide. You may not realize it but it has been almost exactly a year since I began the Critic’s Corner. One year already! Can you believe it?

It has been a popular column and the most read thing in the magazine. Thanks to everyone who reads this each week.

Back to the new column. It wasn’t as much work as I thought. Sure it took me awhile to go through all of the letters and pick out a handful of good ones. There were actually a lot of good letters, so it was easy. I only had to answer one question, and someone did it for me.

I was hoping it would be a once a month thing, but it might be more often. You will see it when you get your issue of the BRTV Guide.

Unlike this column which I’m pretty much allowed to say what I want, except swear or say something bad about someone directly, for this one I got read the riot act. I’m not to be sarcastic. No rude comments. Nothing like that. Just stick to the facts.

Hope to see you over there. You can send your letters to


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