Be Inspired to Create Pipe Smoking Content

Welcome new readers. I have been going over analytics and came to the conclusion that I don’t know what I’m looking at. I do know that most of you are coming here as a result of searching for pipe smoking content. Well, you came to the right place.

Veteran readers, take a minute and get your pipe ready while I talk to the new people.

The Briar Report is broken down into two distinct websites. The News website where you can find the the latest pipe smoking news and information. We also throw in cigar news as there is a lot of cross-over. The other site, this one, is the Magazine site. We have besides this daily Blob, but original articles, Puzzles, Blend surveys (see below) and even an Events Calendar where you can see what’s coming up on YouTube, and even popular podcasts.

The cherry on top is our weekly newsletter. One of the biggest in the pipe smoking world. It comes to you each week and has items of interest and other tid-bits. We don’t spam you and keep it short. It also has a weekly listing of upcoming shows.

In both the magazine and the newsletter we invite you to submit your own content. If you want to write an article, review something or anything else on your mind, we are happy to publish it for you. All you have to do is get a hold of me,

We rely on word of mouth, despite many of you coming by a search, being tobacco-centered, search engines don’t really go out of their way to display us in your searches. We really appreciate you telling your pipe smoking friends about us and sharing our content.

Check the News everyday then pop over and see if we have a new Blob entry up. Only a couple minutes of your day, but so much information which is something that’s hard to find on the web. Usually people want to look at dirty pictures or stupid mindless videos.

OK, everyone have their pipes going? Good, let’s get into it.


Yesterday’s Blob was actually supposed to be today’s. But when I got done I decided to just put it out there. So now I have to write another for Monday, which is fine since I had so much material anyway. Plus once you get going, you want to just keep rolling along. It’s how I feel about work. I don’t like the sitting around and settling into your day. I’m a jump right into it kind of person. Plus, the mornings can be so productive. I guarantee you I get more done before 8 am than most people do in a day. Have to be careful not to brag because there is certainly someone who makes me look like a derelict, It’s always the case. Sarge.

Here’s a little productivity tip for you, if you’re interested in such things.

Inspiration doesn’t create action. It’s the other way around. Action creates inspiration. If you want to accomplish something, just start working on it – don’t wait. Everybody and their momma has an excuse and almost none of them are any good. This works good if you’re actually a driven kind of person. Someone who has concrete goals. Usually you want to get things done so badly, you are looking for that perfect way to get and keep yourself focused.

Your heart is in the right place, but your habits are keeping you back. Take action and ignore all the thinking for now. The action part will get your brain in high gear and the thoughts and ideas will come to you while you’re working. If you want to know why, ask Yardism. He has knowledge about the little gray cells.

I had mentioned I would be inserting some productivity and planning tips and tricks. Now back to pipe smoking, which is more interesting.

Sarge Tobacco Tasting and My Christmas Blend

As you read yesterday, Sarge was smoking the L.J. Peretti blend and said something very wise. It had struck me at the time, I even wrote it down. He said, let the taste come to you. It was in the context of tasting pipe tobacco. That is so simple yet profound. I realized why I shy away of so many of the pipe tobacco reviews. Especially the ones where people are trying to describe pipe tobacco like a Chateau LaFite Rothschild (I think I still have some bottles of ’88 in my wine cellar). They are trying so hard to pick out every little hint of flavor.

Let it come to you. When you do that you get such a better sense of the blend. There is a lot of wisdom in Sarge’s suggestion whether he intended to or not.

If you go hunting for it, a lot of the time you miss it. If you let it come to you, it generally does.

Sgt. Savinelli

Padre Piper’s New Channel

Fans of Padre Piper might be happy to know that he has a new channel on YouTube. Father Graf. Doesn’t seem like it will be heavy on the pipe content. More focused on the vocation. It’s a good way to keep up with him and maybe if enough people watch, he’ll toss up a pipe smoking video for us once in awhile just to keep us happy.

Two Days Left

There are only two days left in The Pipe Nook’s Black Friday Weekend Sale. If you are a supporter of small businesses now is the time to show that support. The giants have sales every week and I don’t deny they do a great job. But as you know, the small guy keeps his head above water all year and depend on the Christmas season to get ahead of the game. If you’re going to buy something anyway, it’s important to spend that money wisely. Putting in a few orders a year, especially this time of year is so important to businesses like The Pipe Nook. It’s not charity, but a vote you cast with your dollars.

Having many choices is good for business in general and is good for pipe smokers particularly. Spread your support around, it really means a lot especially to the small business. Plus, you’re not going to get the kind of customer service you can get from somewhere like The Pipe Nook. They have the reputation for exceptional service for a reason. Only two days left in the sale.

Flat Cap News

Mr. and Mrs. Flat Cap Piper are off on vacation for the next two weeks. There will be no Popping The Tins until he returns. Also, there will be no Sport’s show, at least for the coming weekend. I hope you’e sitting down, the Cooking Show from Lady Fire’s Kitchen has also been paused. Give you some time to go back and try out some of the recipes. Good stuff there.

New Blend Surveys Up

Been trying to catchup with the Blend surveys which I’ve been woefully dink with. [dink is sailor speak for delinquent]. The problem I’ve realized is if I put them all up at once they will take up all the slider spots on the front page of the magazine. You won’t be able to see the latest Blobs or other content. It will be all blend surveys.

Therefore I’ll publish them one every few days and spread them out. I’m so far behind I need to go all the way back to Seattle Pipe Club’s Give Me Liberty.

If you’re unfamiliar with the surveys, just go to the front page of the Magazine site and scroll down to the bottom on the left hand side. There you will find the latest surveys. If you click on the black box on the top of that column that says “view all”, it will take you to the complete list.

For now we are just compiling data. In the future we how to bring you a searchable resource, complete with all the reviews.

Name for New Content Creator’s Page

At the beginning I said that I had been combing the analytics. One thing I noticed was that our post on New Content Creators in the YouTube Pipe Community cracked the top 5 most visited pages. That’s good to see and encourages us to continue this series beyond the original article.

We need to come up with a snappy name for it. Does anyone have a good idea? Something descriptive and “clickable”. Everyone likes to find new content and we want to be able to make it easy for you. Give it some thought.

Also, if you know of any new content creators, let us know and we can feature them in the next issue. Don’t be shy if it’s you. If the content is good, we want to check it out.

Now go see the latest news in the pipe smoking world if you haven’t yet, and have a great day.