Bankside is Out Today

Just so there is no funny business going on, I’ll mention right off the bat that the photo credit goes to Smokingpipes.

About a week and a half ago, Popping The Tin with Flat Cap Piper & Lady Fire featured Bankside, the inaugural blend of G.L. Pease’s Zeitgeist collection. Mr Stanion has a lengthy article about it on the Smokingpipes website. When I first read it, I was wondering where he was going. But he brings it all home and it’s a wonderful read if you have a couple of minutes. Here is the page on Smokingpipes’ website.

They describe it as a modernist reinterpretation of the Virginia/Perique flake. That sounds like something right up my alley. Not to mention a very good review on Popping The Tin. This sounds like not just something on my wish list, but something I need to check out for myself. It goes on sale today, but not at midnight like a lot of blends in the recent past. It’s going on sale at 6 pm Eastern.

That’s not good for me. I love it when they go on sale in the middle of the night. Since I’m already up, I’m front and center. Now I might have to wait. Some times it doesn’t matter, and sometimes they sell out quick.

Other reviews I’ve seen so far are from cloudbear and Pipe & Tamper. Haven’t even seen anything from Smokingpipes on All Pipes Considered or the videos they post on their site. To be honest it’s been real hard to find anything from them since they wiped their YouTube channel and have been putting things on their own site.

I was going to hork another image to use here, but I already stole one. Better leave it at that.

The Blob

Let me take a second from our regularly scheduled Blobbing to point out that this is the only daily (cough . . . cough) blog in the pipe smoking world. There are retailers that put out stuff every day, but who else gives it to you straight when it comes to pipe smoking news and information? Is a major retailer going to laugh at you for smoking Molto Dolce? Well, maybe, but I’m going to do it for sure.

I kid . . .

Listen My Son

I have been meaning to mention for a few weeks now that Mr. George Bruno, the most famous pipe smoker on the internet, has changed the name of his YouTube channel. The new moniker is Listen My Son. Still the same great wisdom. Still the same advocate of the pipe smoking arts, but just a new name. Way back when I first started watching he went by Dorian Gray, or something like that, then changed it to just his name.

The new name is perfect. It sums up his content in three words. Very succinct, unlike me.

Insider Scoop

Since I have to stay a couple of weeks ahead of everyone, so Briar Report can be cutting edge, I was getting information about plans our advertisers have for not only Black Friday, but also for Cyber Monday and Pipe Tuesday. I’m happy to report, that you are going to be very happy with the deals that are planned.

Don’t want to say anything more, but before you go spending your entire holiday budget, watch out a few days before Thanksgiving for the heads up. You’re going to love it.

Monday’s With Martin

On Sunday when I was watching Briar Blues he had mentioned to Martin if we, Briar Report, had the weekly Over A Pipe schedule included in our newsletter. When he said that, I thought it was, but wasn’t sure. Had to wait for my own newsletter to come out so I could check.

Turns out I do have all the days listed. And, of course, I’ve noticed a typo in the listing. Have to change that going forward. The weekly (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) shows start at around 9:30 Eastern. But times vary a little. What you need to do is sign up for notifications.

If you have anything you want me to list on the schedule, or mention to our readers, all you have to do is let me know.