Aristocob Announces Winners of Cobfoolery 2019

I know we say this every year, but this has to be the best year yet for the Cobfoolery contest. The entries are getting more sophisticated, people know what the competition is going to be, so they are starting earlier and putting more time into great designs. It’s paying off that’s for sure.

The entries this year were amazing. There were a few entries that didn’t win which might have in previous years. That goes to show you how the bar has been raised. Those of us who love to see the designs benefit the most, that’s for sure.

On Sunday night Aristocob announced the winners. Unlike the Kentucky Derby none of the winners were disqualified, so it was nice to see a clean win in each of the categories.

The following is the official list of winners.

Amateur Freehand Division

The Ball & Chain Cob

First Place: Mr. John Copeland for “The Ball & Chain Cob”

Second Place: Mr. Pipestache for “Pheasant-Back Cob”

Third Place: Mr. Chris Scriber for “Cow n’ Corn”

Amateur Classic Division

First Place: Mr. Nick Dupras for “The Tycornean”

Second Place: Mr. Badger Piper for “Zulu Corn”

Third Place: Mr. Ricky War the P.R. Piper for “la granada”

Pro Freehand Division

First Place: Mr. Dodif for “Como What!?”

Second Place: Mr. Shane Allen for “The Cornado”

Third Place: Eric of TFA Carving for “Celtic Cob”

Pro Classic Division

The Eagle’s Cob

First Place: Mr. Dodif for “The Eagle’s Cob”

Second Place: Eric of TFA Carving for “King Cob Claw”

Third Place: Mr. Daniel H. Billings for “The Appalachian Cobbler”

Homegrown Category

Dominating the Division was Mr. Shane Hill


First place winners received a $50 gift code to use on and a plaque from Missouri Meerschaum commemorating the Cobfoolery win and featuring a Freehand pipe.

Second place winners received a $30 gift code to use on

Third place winners received a $20 gift code to use on

Message From Aristocob

Mr. Aristocob

Scott wants you to know if you would like to get a closer look at the winners or any of the entries, go over to his YouTube channel and you will find the playlists for each of the categories. When you’re looking at some of these entries be sure to give them a sub, as some of them are quite new to the YTPC.

You can visit them at their website where you can see a complete inventory of all the Cool Smoking Missouri Meerschaum Pipes. They also have kits to make your own cob foolery pipe and the authentic seeds from Missouri Meerschaum should you be interested in entering a Home Grown pipe, or to just make one for yourself.

For your viewing pleasure, we have attached the original video announcing the winners.