An Expensive Badge Icon

No matter what I say, I end up putting in an order with Smokingpipes every couple of months. Happened to be checking the profile section and they had a list of badges. It seems I’ve bought over 200 tins of the same tobacco. Sounds kind of low to me. I’ve also bought over 40 different blends. Is this something I should feel good about or bad?

It would be great if you never had to worry about it. You could just order what you needed for the next month or two and have them send it to you. Let them worry about warehousing it, not me. But you, at least I, get worried that the prices will go through the roof or the government will outlaw something.

Geez, 200 tins, can you imagine a Canadian having to buy that? You would have to be a millionaire. You can see why I call my cellar The Vault. And that’s just one blend. I’m also starting to wonder how much of my money Smokingpipes actually has. Well, at least I got a badge icon to show for it.

Vegas News

Peter Piper NYC did a fantastic interview with Mr. Brian Levine, Organizer of the Las Vegas International Pipe Show. This is the most comprehensive news on the show I’ve heard anywhere. Anyone interested, this is a must watch video. Good job Peter and thanks to Mr. Levine for all the work he’s done on this event.


Lots of information in today’s newsletter. Of course the feature story is Smoke Rings Around The World. It’s this coming Thursday. The idea is for everyone to blow smoke rings on the same day. So if you’re not a pipe smoker, you need to get out quick and pick up all your supplies.

On the Armchair Piper’s channel is a video tutorial on how to blow smoke rings from the world renowned smoke blower, Dr. Bo Gust.

Also in the newsletter is a YouTube channel that has come to my attention from Mr. SloMo Randy and a pipe carver. I had known about this carver and had not gotten around to mentioning him. But checking Instagram to get a link to the new Chesterton & Co. Cigar store, I saw that he he had sent me a message. It was for a Labor Day sale that I would have mentioned if I would have saw it before. Sorry.

Open the newsletter to find out who this carver is.


The Sept. Pipe Puzzle is out and this one stumped me. It’s a crossword where the answers are famous pipe and cigar shops from around the world and the clues are just the locations. Sounds easy, but for some reason it wasn’t. At least for me. Matthew outdid himself on this one. For readers of The Blob, I’ll give you a little tidbit that might help you out. Matthew’s, and mine, local pipe shop is Smokers Haven in West Seneca, NY. If you’re interested, Mr. Flat Cap Pipe & Lady Fire did a video from there not too long ago.

Check Back

I’ll be adding addition information about Smoke Rings Around the World as I find out more. Currently the main event will be on the Over A Pipe Live channel where Mr. Armchair Piper will have a Zoom meeting with Martin and some dignitaries. In the meantime be sure to practice your smoke rings.

Now back to watching Phill Rivara Live. Chad and Patrick are having a blast. You’ll never know because Mr. Rivara is the King of copyright violations.