Act Before It’s Too Late

Mike from Briar Blues has put out one of the most important videos we’ve ever seen on the state of the Pipe Tobacco hobby and the companies who deal in it. We see tobacco companies questioning whether or not the continuation of producing pipe tobacco is even a viable proposition for them anymore. Considering the fact that there are so few left the thought of more closing their doors is depressing.

Not only that but the government would like nothing more than for tobacco companies to just dry up and get lost. They are currently doing everything in their considerable power to shut them down. The only reason we have what we do is because some people are still willing to fight for it. Can you imagine if we all did? Amazing.

Mike also talks about the importance of supporting the businesses we have left. The Brick and Mortars that are holding on and the struggling content providers. Support these entities and websites as much as possible. Visit them often to give them the means to stay afloat and buy from their sponsors so they can keep it all going.

The inspiration for the video in Mike’s words; “With the closing of McClelland’s, Dunhill blends being discontinued, and the final issue of Pipes & Tobacco’s Magazine, I had some thoughts with regard to why and why we shoulder the blame, and now the pain of these losses”

Watch the video and leave him a comment with your thoughts. I believe it is one of the most important thing we as pipe smokers can engage in. If you feel like it you can also send your thought to us and we would be happy to publish them.