A Handy Dandy DIY Pipe Rack


Professor Walker has three little pipes that he’s selling, but the price is so low it’s as close to giving them away as you can get. I’m letting you know, but there’s a good chance that by the time you read this they will be gone. There are only three available. 

Also, another heads up is the wildly popular Samurai T-Shirts at Tobacco Pipes Japan. If you remember over the holidays, Tobacco Pipes Japan gave one of these shirts as a gift to everyone who bought a pipe. Naturally that didn’t leave many on the shelf. You’ll be happy to know that they have been restocked and all sizes and both colors are available. You’re not going to find a cooler T-shirt. That’s a fact. 

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Pipe Rack

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for the DYI pipe projects. The last time I mentioned one was when At Noah’s House made a beautiful pipe rack. This time it’s Varmdo Hobbyist who shows you how to make a pipe rack. Again, using reclaimed wood. 

This one is a wall hanger , with a French Cleat, and it looks amazing. It turned out great and I love the look of that sort of rustic finish. The video is perfect if you want to try it yourself. A real step by step guide.

They only thing he didn’t get on camera was the pyrography. I was hoping to see that as it’s a field I’m interested in. He burned in the Dr. Grabow Spade logo as this will be a dedicated rack for him. 

If you have a rustic man cave setup, or like to smoke in the shop, this is the perfect rack for you. Looks like you could build this in a weekend with a normal set of tools. He has all kinds of fancy gizmos, but it’s not necessary. 

Greg is so talented and did a great job walking us through the project. Again, I loved it. 


Don’t forget that today, Mr. Parsimonious Piper is going to drop another one of his interviews. This one might be The Mad Piper. Pretty sure it is. I hope Ethan asks him where he films his videos from. It looks like it’s from under his bed. It might be a perspective thing, but looks like he’s a little cramped. 

He does have a good sense of pipe tobaccos for a new pipe smoker. He’s already taking on twists and plugs and such. I remember back when I was a new pipe smoker, that stuff would have put me on the floor. I’m a more ease-into-it kind of guy. 

Well, hopefully Ethan finds out all this stuff from Tom. Looking forward to hear what he has to say.

The Astleys Collection

Don’t forget that there are only a few days left in the Astley’s auction that is being hosted by MBSD Pipes. While you’re over there bidding on pipes, be sure to check out their new website. You’re going to love it.

Chicago Haul

Mentioned earlier in the week that people are starting to put out videos about the recent Chicago Pipe Show. Jeff the Chef Piper was the latest. I’ve been paying close attention to his channel since he hosted the Battle of the Briars. 

He got a bunch of new pipes and I can tell you for sure, it was a MILLION times more interesting than a pipe cleaner YABO. check out the cool pipes he got.