2022 Tobacco Madness Tournament

Yesterday Get Piped announced his Legends of the Pipe tournament. Later in the day, but too late for this Blob, The Spurgeon Piper kicked off his annual Tobacco Madness Tournament and Give Away. Here is a link to the official video.

This one is going to be harder to predict. The other one is opinion, sure, but this one you have to factor in people’s personal tastes. That’s too hard. He suggested that you go back and watch last year’s video and that turned out to be a good idea. I recommend doing the same.

The Spurgeon Piper is going to be giving away a lot of prizes for this event, and I think everyone has a pretty good chance to win. Being tough to pick, you never know how it will end up. I will be surprised if someone gets them all right. Someone besides me, of course.


Legends of the Pipe

The Get Piped Legends of the Pipe Tournament is just beginning. The tournament is being held on his Instagram page so you will have to go there to follow along. Yesterday we had some information on it, along with a blurry image. But Adam graciously gave me a nice crisp bracket that I have since replaced the first one with. Below is a copy of it in .pdf format so you can print out for yourself.

Normally I would never enter a contest or anything like that, and I won’t for these either. But I think I’ll at least fill these brackets out and see how I do. Both sound like a ton of fun. I’ll share my results.



The Tobacco Pipes Japan Spring Sale is going on. You may have read about it in the newsletter. Only going on until March 8th, and remember that shipping to anywhere in the world is free. Free to you, that is.

Back by popular demand are the Walker Pipe Company Shop Pipes. Yesterday Professor Walker showed some of them in his Return of the Shop Pipes Video

Tobaccopipes.com is running a Savinelli pipe tobacco sale. All Savinelli tobaccos are now 15% off with coupon code SAVENOW. Ends Sunday, March 6th while supplies last

Top Ten

Briar Blues put out a video featuring the Top Ten Truths You Need To Know. He really burst my balloon with that video. He has knocked holes in all the excuses I use to justify buying high end pipes! Now I have to come up with all new reasons. The problem with that video, from my perspective at least, is he’s right. Those things really don’t matter. But I want a pipe with perfect straight grain!

Sounds vain, I hate that. That’s why saying it smokes better gave me an out. He’s killin’ me.