2019’s Top 5 Top 5 Lists

It’s the end of the year and you know what that means? Time for our roundup of the best Top 5 lists in the YTPC.

Everyone loves Top 5 lists, and when you make them about pipe tobacco, it just doesn’t get any better.

As usual, we present this list in no particular order.


Who wouldn’t want to visit Herferville? Sitting around smoking pipes. Laughing at Hugh’s funny shirts. What great fun. The Herfer’s are going to kick off our list.

Ghost Cob

It’s about time that Ghost Cob was on a top 5 list instead of delivering it. Although technically in his video he’s giving us his a couple of his famous lists. He gives us both baccys and pipes. Including a beauty from Sven Steinmanns. Gorgeous.

Padre Piper

Known for some pretty good list of his own Padre wraps up the year with a nice list of his top tobaccos. As he mentions in the video, all the blends are available in bulk. I don’t know if that was a coincidence or not, but it sure is nice.

Luke Risner Cincinnati Piper

Batting cleanup is Luke Risner. Like Mr. Ghost Cob his list includes both tobacco blends and pipes. He has a couple of dependable blends which you normally don’t see on a top 5 list. He goes for the work horses that’s for sure.


Just like him, we can’t stop at five. But unlike him we still call it a Top 5. If you like mild aromatic blends, this is not the list for you. Mostly burley blends, and all solid. It’s a great list and worth checking out.

Pipe & Tobak

Janez has been putting out a Top 10 list for a long time. He smokes a lot of blends including ones from Europe that we can’t get in the States. So his list is always interesting. Plus he includes his “lonely island” blend which is a great touch. He puts a lot of work in his list so you won’t be disappointed.


One of the first list in this year so you may have seen it already, but it’s worth a second view. It’s only four minutes long and every single blend on the list is a gem. We also love his “disrespect” of Penzance.

northeast piper uk

A bit longer than the last video, so we recommend packing a bowl and settling in. It’s worth it since he has a little show and tell with some nice pipes. Mark even includes some booze. Ending with the Top 5, that has a surprise in it. The most well rounded list of the bunch.

Sea of Blends

Not sure of the exact count, but it’s intended to be a Top 10. When someone is holding two pipes in their hand it gets our attention. He also includes a nice rule of thumb, which is called “the rule of two”. It’s a fun list, glad Sea of Blends made it.