Eric Gauthier has some Crazy Horse Bison leather pipe stands available. I can tell you that Bison leather is really the best for this type of thing. I have a Bison leather pipe roll and I can’t even describe how perfect it is.

What Do You Call That?

Wanted to talk about the  design of Asikyan’s Pipes. At least some of the finishes he uses. Keep in mind that Mr. Asikyan is a jeweler by trade. I happen to be in a closely related field so I know a little.  When you work with metal it is much different from wood. To get a piece to look three dimensional you really have to change the way light either hits it, or reflects off it.  Maybe the facets of a gemstone, or the way you engrave using smaller shade lines to stand out from the bright cuts.

What we as pipe smokers think of as rustication, jewelers call stippling. Mr. Asikyan has carved small shapes into the pipes, and although they already stand out optically from the smooth finish, he stipples them so the light won’t reflect and the cutout seems deeper and sharper.

Rustication is usually used to hide  or get rid of flaws and I’m sure his designs take that into account when he decides where to cut the pattern, but the finish in each of the pattern cutouts is purely aesthetic.

Now I could be totally wrong, but I do know what I’m talking about when it comes to engraving so I’m pretty sure I’m giving it to you straight.

The Briar Bothy

You know where I like to hang out when I can? The Briar Bothy. So much fun and relaxing. Don’t tell Padre I said that or he’ll want to come over when I stop by. Not that I don’t enjoy having a pipe with Padre, but every time I do I can’t find my lighter afterwards. Not accusing, just making an observation.