Chairman of the Board – Me!

Just realized I never gave yesterday’s blob post a title. Probably didn’t even show up, no wonder so few people read it. Readership has been all over the map. I can’t tell if this has been successful or not. I suppose the thing to do is go by monthly readers, not daily. Don’t mind spending time each day doing this, time I don’t have mind you, but if people are reading it, then I’ll keep going. It also gives me a place to get things out that I wouldn’t otherwise. I’m sick of that Social Media junk. Should have never started with it in the first place.

Running later than usual since I was reading, and rereading, the New Mexico (House Bill 33). At first I thought Pipe Tobacco was flying under the radar. It looks like they are really sticking it to the premium cigar businesses who got exemptions in the past. But when they say “tobacco products” I suppose that’s us. Going from 25% to 77%. What a bunch of rats.

The tyrants in NM tried this about five years ago and it got shot down. So now they are back, and have backed off a tiny bit.

What If I Were New Mexican?

My go-to smoke is Peterson DeLuxe Navy Rolls, although I think I’ve only had one or two tins of the Peterson incarnation. I’m still on my massive stockpile of Dunhill. But, if I were in NM and buying now what would it cost me? On Turbo Tin the best price is from 4 Noggins at $16.89 (no link for you!) so let’s use that price.

Right now you would pay $4.22 sales tax on that. If the bill goes through it would be $13.01. RATS! THIEVES! TYRANTS!!

You use Turbo Tin, right? Fantastic service. Years ago I wanted to do something similar and it took me about 100 hrs just to compile the data to start to make the spreadsheet. Then I didn’t know how to manipulate the numbers so it would do it automatically. Then I realized I was so far over my head and I wasted 100 hrs. Thank G-d somebody smart came along. Use Turbo Tin. Big link for them.

Peterson Blog

Each week I usually get a trickle of email about one subject or another. This week it’s been about the Peterson Pipe Notes. For some reason that website slipped under my radar and I never linked to it. Now that I know it’s there I find myself sneaking over when I should be working, and soaking it in. Great stuff. The guy that runs it, Mark, had emailed me and that’s how I found out. Now I see he’s a big time author which just makes me want to get a hold of some of his books. If you didn’t check out the link before, do so when you have a few minutes.

Speaking of accomplished authors, Ben Rapaport who was also mentioned in the newsletter has a new book out. An Intimate History of the Tobacco Industry, 1850-1920. This is for the real tobacco geek. Not a book full of fluff. It’s for the person that wants to be knowledgeable on a subject, an expert. If you’re the kind of person that wants to make videos and you’re getting your information off of smokingpipes’ newsletter posts, don’t be surprised if you’re not taken that seriously. (No link for them!).

The only drawback I saw is Mr. Rapaport is selling the book himself. You have to email him and ask him. You can’t just find it on Amazon or something. I don’t know what’s involved with distributing a book like that but it’s probably a lot. Shoot him an email and ask for some info.


The PCA is expanding their Board of Directors. It has 14 retailers (5 who are on the Executive Committee) and 1 manufacturer who is head of a manufacturer’s committee. Now they will add 4 spots on the board for manufacturers. They won’t just be on a committee, but on the actual board. Not all those positions are voting positions and the Retailers are still running the show.

It’s a tough thing. To be considered a retailer you have to have a physical location. This isn’t for online retailers. At least that’s my understanding.

I used to be a member having a Media Membership. Not cheap. The problem was I didn’t feel like I got my money’s worth. The big draw is supposed to be their Trade Show where they raise 90% of their revenue. With the big plague and having to cancel it, the PCA started going down the tubes. It’s too bad since they are a good organization and spend a lot of money defending premium tobacco users in court. I don’t know what the future is with them.

The best thing they could do is have their Trade Show in a state that isn’t going to put any restrictions on them. None. Vow to go after any state that is hostile to the premium tobacco business. I’m not talking about hiring a lawyer to file an injunction. I’m talking about finding out who’s behind the bills and running someone against them.

If they try to demonize a candidate by saying “Big Tobacco is behind them” don’t run from it, embrace it. “Yup, they sure are”. Big cigar companies that helped build the country, instead of George Soros backed commies. I’m tired of them pushing us around anymore. Quit running from these tyrants.

By the way, the other thing the PCA should do is put me on their board. If they added a media spot, I’m sure they would put someone like Charlie Minato, but they need a rotten SOB like me so they can throw me under the bus when I pick a fight with the FDA.

Not very light hearted today, but at least you came away with a little knowledge. A few things you should read, a few things that should make you mad.