Title Added Later

This is a little late but congratulations to Don the Modern Gentleman on reaching 100 subscribers. He put out a video announcing a give away a few days ago, but I kept leaving it off the list and now I feel a little bad. Especially if you like to enter things like this but didn’t know yet. So far I only have a few events like this listed in the calendar and I’m not sure how to determine the time. If I enter it as a whole day event it will show up as a giant 24 hr. thing. I just made up a time until I figure out how to do it right. Congratulations Don. So far, great content.

There have been a few things I said I would get to later in the week so I thought I’d start knocking them out. The first was the rules we have if you want to submit anything for us to publish on our website. As long as it’s pipe or cigar related, it’s welcome. You can write about anything you would like to. Reviews, op-eds, introduce your channel or website to others, even promote an event. Anything. Consider our site your personal bulletin board.

Here are the only things we ask from you. That you act like a gentleman or lady. Nothing vulgar, mean or offensive. If you want to run off at the mouth you can do it on your own website. Personally I don’t like that kind of stuff in public. I’m not offended by things like foul language but this is not the place for it. Being in the Navy I’ve heard it all. When you’re with your friends in private that’s one thing, but in public it’s different.

I hear really young people with the filthiest mouths. They do that because they think it makes them seem tough and older. They don’t realize it makes them sound stupid. There are even women who not only love to swear, but love to tell you “I can say whatever I want”. You sure can, but it says a lot about you and it isn’t what you think. Anyway, behave like a decent person on my site.

The second rule is you can’t use any copyrighted material. No photos ripped off from search engines or another site. If you need photos, or graphics, just let me know. I subscribe to a service where we get all kinds of material and pay to use it. We are more than happy to get you what you need. That goes for lifting material as well. No problem quoting people or using excerpts. For instance, tobacco descriptions from manufacturers, but don’t copy and paste whole reviews.

Don’t want any legal trouble.

Other than those two rules, anything goes. If you want to rip on me, that’s fine. I’ll put it up. No editing here except for possible spelling mistakes or something like that.

What’s In A Name

Yesterday I got a quick question about the list we have of people’s first names in the YTPC. We do maintain a list of names that people submit (we won’t add any names unless people request it). Mike at Briar Blues thought it was a good idea and we thought so too, and agreed to host it. You can find it at this link. It’s a handy little tool especially if you like to watch live shows and don’t know some of the people there.

If you would like to have your name added, just let Mike or me know. Mike maintains the original list and he sends me an updated copy every month or two and I update the site.

Thank you to all the people that have mentioned the Briar Report in your videos the last week. It’s always fun to hear people talk about us and the nice things they say.

Tonight Mr. James Stumbo is on live at 7 pm Eastern. All Briar’d up hosts Tumultuous Tuesday with I’m Just Chris at 8 pm then with his own show at 11.

Curmudgeon Piper looks like he’s feeling much better as well as the rest of the family. Very happy to hear, and see him. He put out a quick video yesterday with an update.

See you tomorrow.