11/18 Letters To The Editor



Beginning this month we will feature a Letters to the Editor segment. In this space will will answer selected questions from readers or publish letters we receive where people just want to get something off their chest or make their opinion known. We will not publish anyone’s personal information unless we have permission to do so.



Our first ever question is one we get often so it’s a good place to start.


Reader:  I was wondering about YouTube pipe community list [on] the first – front page of Briar report. Are there some rules you have to follow to be on the list of the members or some time that has to pass before you [can be listed] ..?  Thank you for your time, great work you do [on] the site and the community, I am waiting for your answer.


Editor:  Thank you so much for the question and the kind words. Yes there are some informal rules we follow when deciding who is listed on our homepage, not only for YouTube Channels but for all the static links. There is very limited space therefore we can’t list everyone. The size of the list is actually determined by the number of static links in the outer two columns. We keep the center column’s length such that when you scroll through it you are still able to see our column ads that are displayed on either side. It is very important to us that you always be able to see these ads as you move down the page. Don’t forget that it is these wonderful advertisers that bring you Briar Report. Although, we have stretched it as far as possible and it’s actually longer than that. As far as who’s on the list, when a spot opens up ( channels go dormant every so often and for other reasons) we discuss it at our Saturday Staff Meeting. Everyone present is allowed to nominate one channel, from this list we vote and the one with the most votes is added. There are some things we consider before nominating a name but that is beyond the scope of this answer and we will keep that to ourselves.




Reader:  Is it possible to add my YouTube channel’s GAW [giveaway] to the events calendar on your site? What information do you need and what else can I add besides the date of the drawing?


Editor:  We would be happy to add any event you want that would be of interest to pipe and cigar smokers. You can list your next live event so people will know when to tune in. If your Club is having a meeting or event, we would be more than happy to add that as well. You can even add Uncle Butter’s Birthday.

The only information that is necessary is the name of your event and the date. If you wanted to include more we can put just about any information you want. For example, your giveaway event entry can include a link to your YouTube channel, the rules of your event, and a list of prizes you are giving away. We can put up any graphic or image you provide, and even embed your video explaining your GAW. If you want us to list the people who have entered your GAW so they can check the link to make sure they are entered instead of you holding up your notebook to the camera or reading the list, we can do that as well and even assign them all a number if you choose to conduct your drawing by selecting a random number. If you want to list the winner after the fact, we can add that as well for archiving purposes. The sky’s the limit. 

You can have all the information you want on that page then provide a link for your viewers. It can serve as a one stop page for all the information you want your viewers or readers to know about. Hopefully, it will be much easier for people to follow events and keep up to date on things of interest to them.

What we will not do is accept any information, add any content to the page, including people’s names, unless it comes from the email address of the person who set up the event. In other words, someone can’t email us and say “I want to enter X’s GAW, add me to the list”, that won’t happen. 

We will also not provide any graphics or look up any links for you. If you want your channel’s home page linked, please provide that link as well as any other links and images you would like. 

We can usually set up an event or add information within 24 hrs of any request, but you should plan on 48 hrs just to be on the safe side. So if we are listing the people who have entered your event, you should allow 48 hrs between when you cut off entries and when you make the draw, that way you can be sure we will have it updated with the most accurate information prior to your draw. 

To set up an event, please send the information to editor@briarreport.com which is the same email address to send any letters to the editor.


Thank you for reading the first ever Letters to the Editor. Please, don’t hesitate to write to us and share your views.



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